City of McPherson holds Town Hall Meeting Tuesday

By Nick Gosnell
September 23, 2014

Attendance may have been sparse, but information was plentiful at the McPherson City Commission room on Tuesday night at the City's town hall meeting. The first 20 minutes or so of the evening was a presentation on the new stormwater permit regulations that the City must comply with from the Federal Government.

Fortunately for the City, the ponds being built as part of the Oxford Pointe drainage project will most likely qualify as a sufficient initial project to mitigate erosion into the stormwater, which will assist in compliance for the first five years of the permit.

This was followed by a presentation on all the road work taken up by the city in 2014, as well as some park projects both to make the Kids with Dreams playground at Lakeside Park more accessible, and proposed work at Hess Park for 2015, and work on the new dog park, which is slated for opening next summer, assuming the funds for the fence come in to the Dog Park Association and the grass that is growing there gets a good stand come spring. Once the fence is built, it will become the responsibility of the Dog Park association for upkeep and maintenance on the facility.

Also, an erosion control project at Turkey Creek Golf Course will be completed in November, as well.

Challenges the City faces in the coming years are continued unfunded mandates from the state and federal governments, upcoming increases in health insurance and other benefit costs, and increasing engineering costs associated with City projects.

The City is discussing whether or not hiring additional engineering staff would be appropriate in the future, particularly in the area of inspections, as those who inspect the projects as they are ongoing have to have the same engineering credentials as those designing the projects.