Train derailment in McPherson County Thursday morning

By Nick Gosnell
September 25, 2014
Kansas Highway Patrol

Two trains collided in McPherson County just north of 24th and Highway 56 just outside of Canton just before 6:00 Thursday morning.

There were no hazardous materials in the load on the trains, there was a small diesel fuel spill from one of the locomotives.

According to Union Pacific Public Information Officer Mark Davis, the trains were carrying flat cars with oceangoing containers on them.

Davis told Mid Kansas Online that the intial investigation has determined that the westbound train was pulling into a side track when the rear of it was struck by the eastbound train.

Two locomotives and five cars derailed on the eastbound train, while fifteen cars and one locomotive derailed on the westbound train. Both trains have front and rear locomotives, as that configuration saves on fuel costs as compared to front locomotives alone.

24th Avenue and Highway 56 were blocked off for a time Thursday to help with cleanup. No one was hurt.

According to the Twitter account of the National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB investigators are en route to the scene to assist in determining the cause of the crash.

Mid Kansas Online has contacted the NTSB, but has not yet received a response as to the reasons for their involvement in the investigation.

We will continue to update information on the incident as we receive it.