Central Christian College of Kansas exceeds 1000 in enrollment for the first time

By Central Christian College of Kansas
September 25, 2014

The fall of 2014 marks a major milestone for Central Christian College of Kansas. For this first time since its inception in 1884, Central Christian College has a student population over one thousand.

For the past eleven years, the College has seen positive growth numbers and now has a record 1,053 students enrolled. A large majority of those numbers (853) represent full and part-time students enrolled in Central Christian College online and on ground courses.

Compared to the fall of 2013, the College has seen a 25% increase in student enrollment in its traditional and online campuses.

The most significant growth has occurred in the online program, which has shown a 40 percent increase since last fall. 

Most recently, the College has launched an online psychology program, adding to its offerings in Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administration, Ministry Leadership, and Organizational Leadership.

“The expansion of our online program has allowed the College to provide its unique offering to those who might otherwise never be able to uproot and attend classes on campus here in McPherson. Furthermore, these programs have allowed the College the ability to reach a more diverse population than is represented on our campus.” commented Dr. Leonard Favara, Central Christian College Provost.

This year, the College has also unveiled a new program in Risk Management/Insurance. This move makes Central Christian College the first private college in the state of Kansas to offer a specific major in this field.

The new major, which has garnered strong support from Farmers Alliance, will allow students to complete studies in management, business, and insurance while, at the same time, providing opportunity to complete certifications needed to pursue lucrative careers in the insurance industry.

The College plans on revealing the details of this major later this fall.

Central Christian College President Hal Hoxie noted, “Central Christian College of Kansas is making a difference. Through its educational programs, community initiatives, athletic offerings, and business partnerships, the College is expanding its ability to provide an excellent educational experience that is affordable and attainable to all.”