McPherson College Partners With Youth Entrepreneurs

By McPherson College
September 27, 2014

As a premier college in Kansas for entrepreneurship education, working with Wichita-based Youth Entrepreneurs makes sense.

This week, McPherson College and Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) announced an official partnership with the goal of building a bridge for entrepreneurial high school students into a higher education program that meets their unique needs.

“Our goal is to provide a clear path for YE students to a college - such as McPherson College - which supports their entreprreneurial mindset,” said Michael Schneider, McPherson College president. “Whether they want to continue the business ideas they started in YE or just want education rooted in entrepreneurial priciples, we’re offering a place for them to connect.”

McPherson College launched its campus-wide entrepreneurship initiative four years ago. It includes a cross-curriculum minor, micro-grants to support innovative student ideas, and courses and programs that integrate the entrepreneurial mindset into a liberal arts curriculum. Entrepreneurship at McPherson College includes all areas of study. Students are starting ventures and developing skills that help them stand out as they start their careers.

McPherson College has been working informally with YE since it started its entrepreneurship program in 2010. YE offers specialized curriclum to high school students in Kansas and Missouri to provide education on starting a business, application of knowledge to think more like a business owner, and encouragement to attend college.

Features of the new partnership between the college and YE include YE programing days on the McPherson College campus, grants to support YE student ideas, special YE scholarships and regular visits to YE classrooms from McPherson College representatives.

In addtion, entrepreneurial McPherson College events will be integrated into the YE Academy, where students earn points that can turn into cash.

“McPherson College is a natural partner,” said Kylie Stupka, YE executive director. “Our students can expand the entrepreneurial work they started in the classroom through YE academy experiences. This relationship provides support for the academy, and we hope that students will find McPherson College a great option to continue learning and growing after they graduate from high school.”