Walk to School Day today in McPherson USD 418

By McPherson Police Department
October 08, 2014

"Walk to School Day" is TODAY!

Read this post to find out how you can help protect our city's most valuable resource -our children!

*BE ALERT! Increased numbers of children (&adults) will be walking, cycling & skating to school.

*SLOW your speed around our schools! McPherson has many 20 mph speed zones for school and construction. Some are designated by special yellow wink-o-matic traffic controls & are enforced during a certain time of day (S. Main, N. Main, E. First, E. Kansas, E. Euclid and W. Avenue A). Other 20 mph zones are not machine-controlled & some are in force at all times –be watchful! Fines double in a school or construction zone. $135 is the MINIMUM fine for a speed violation.

*YIELD to pedestrians at ALL crosswalks & intersections & before leaving a stop.

*DISCUSS pedestrian & bicycle safety with your student(s).

*DRESS your student(s) in light or bright clothing, shoes, backpacks, & jackets with reflective fabrics are best & make pedestrians easy to see –especially while walking in the dimly lit early hours. Provide HELMETS for students who are cycling or skating to school.

*PETS may be a hazard or temptation for passing school children. Be sure your pets are kenneled or inside before & after school hours. Dogs running at large continue to be a problem. All pedestrians (especially our youth) appreciate responsible pet owners!