Two McPherson County farmers to serve on Kansas Farm Bureau committees

By Nick Gosnell
October 09, 2014

More than 75 Farm Bureau members of Kansas have taken leadership positions within their farm organization and will serve on the organization’s agricultural advisory committees, including two farmers from McPherson County.

Members on the eight state ag advisory committees surface commodity-specific issues, discuss solutions and make recommendations to the Kansas Farm Bureau board of directors.

“Having a solid group of committed members serve on our ag advisory committees means we have a strong grassroots organization,” Steve Baccus, Ottawa County farmer and president of Kansas Farm Bureau, says.

“Each committee represents an ag commodity that is important to our state, and our committee members represent the entire state of Kansas. That’s KFB at its best.”

Committee members from McPherson County include Cody Bornholdt on the Beef Committee and Jeff Smith on the Oilseeds Committee.

The Farm Bureau has standing committees in Beef, Dairy, Feedgrains, Hay & Forage, Oilseeds, Sheep & Goat, Swine and Wheat areas.  

Committee members serve through Sept. 30, 2015 with one year appointments.