Letter to the Editor: Brownback achievements are many in first term

By Rich and Cheryl Stieben
October 13, 2014
Office of the Governor

Since 2011, Governor Sam Brownback has put $270 million into the K-12 education.

He added 680 more educators in Kansas schools since he was elected.

The average salary for Kansas teachers has increased, according to KSDE reports.

Has provided over $30 million in additional funding for after school and summer literacy programs to help struggling readers.

State Budget Director: Total spending per student was

$8,097 in fiscal year 2009; taking KPERS OUT, $7,559 in fiscal year 2009

$8,416 in fiscal year 2011; taking KPERS OUT, $7,828 in fiscal year 2011

The past couple of years the governor has added more funds to the education

budget than ever before!

Teacher tenure has been controversial for years.  The issue of teacher tenure

will now be negotiated on the local level between local school boards and

teacher’s unions rather than at the state level.  Local school board choice!

KPERS had been in trouble financially for years under the umbrella of democrat governors.  Governor Brownback has replenished the KPERS pot with millions.  

KPERS retirement for teachers is once again financially sound and secure.

With the Governor’s leadership, he has reduced income and property

taxes for Kansas families, keeping hard-earned money for the people

to decide where to spend it, not the government deciding.

Taxes were eliminated on small businesses to allow them to invest the savings to grow

their operations.  Small businesses account for 75 percent of all employment in Kansas.

This year the governor signed a property tax reduction House Bill 2506 giving

$84 million in property tax relief for Kansas families.

Kansas has created more than 55,000 private-sector jobs since 2011.

There are more Kansans employed than at any point in the state’s history.

When the governor took office there was $876.05 cash on hand and by the

end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2014, Kansas was on solid financial footing

with $434.6 million in cash on hand. This doesn’t just happen, it comes

from wise counsel and good decisions.

The Governor is fighting to stop the Obama administration ‘s EPA regulations on energy production that have resulted in Kansans spending more than $227 million more in utility bills to date.

New EPA proposals would cede control over the state’s water resources to the

federal government instead of the property owners.  

Our unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the nation under 5% for several months.

The Kansas side of the KC Metro area is adding jobs 3 times faster than the

Missouri side.  (lower taxes)

Kansas is 4th in the nation in new construction.

The Wall Street Journal on July 21, 2014 wrote:

“Income tax cuts that the governor signed in 2012, which reduced the top rate to

 4.8% from 6.45% and the bottom bracket to 2.7% from 3.5%......

Nevermind, that the principal beneficiaries of the tax cuts have been low and

middle-class families. “

Governor Brownback has signed every pro-life bill put on his desk, as he has

promised.  He will always protect the rights of the unborn.

Governor Brownback has supported the most biblical moral legislation put before him.

Governor Brownback has always been a strong ally of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Opponents and critics say we will have a financial shortfall in 2016.  Do you want to believe the facts or the predictions?                      

Rich and Cheryl Stieben