Kansas First Lady Mary Brownback and Ag Secretary Jackie McClaskey speak to women's group in McPherson Monday night

By Nick Gosnell
October 14, 2014
Kim Borchers

Kansas First Lady Mary Brownback and Kansas Agriculture Secretary Jackie McClaskey visited McPherson Monday night to speak at an event sponsored by the Kansas Women for Agriculture and Sawyer Farms at the McPherson Opera House ballroom.

McClaskey spoke about many ag issues to the women assembled, but focused mainly on collaboration that the Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Water Office are doing together to ensure that water conservation and more efficient water usage are practiced for the next half century.

Brownback, for the most part, kept her remarks on a personal level, as she told the women several personal anecdotes from their married life.

She does not enjoy campaigning, but, as she told Mid Kansas Online Monday night, "I'm campaigning because I want to tell people about the man Sam is, and not this man he is being portrayed as. I feel like if I go out there, I have credibility as his wife, and tell Kansans, this is who he is and how he acts. He is acting in the best interests of Kansas."