The Traffic Stop

By McPherson Police Department
October 14, 2014

Overtaking and Passing a School Bus

STO #81 & 82 & KSA 8-1556 …find the exact wording here:

Loose Meaning: The driver of a vehicle meeting/overtaking any stopped school bus from either direction shall also stop before reaching the bus when the flashing RED lights are activated for the purpose of receiving or discharging children. The driver of the meeting/overtaking vehicle shall not drive on until the school bus resumes motion or the flashing RED lights and the stop signal arm are no longer activated.

Drivers meeting/overtaking a school bus at a railroad crossing with 4-way flashing hazard/amber/yellow lights activated are not required to also stop —UNLESS the driver is behind the bus.

Drivers should also observe the same safe following distance and space guidelines as with any semi-truck or vehicle bearing a large load; “if you cannot see their mirrors, they cannot see you”.

In McPherson, with church and day care buses this is a moving violation which draws a $180 fine, plus $75 Municipal Court Cost —with school buses the fine amount increases to $300.

More importantly, those flashing lights remind you: a child's life is flashing before your eyes!

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