MMS spikers read to WES students

By Jacque Gehrt
October 15, 2014
Contributed Photo

Over the past month, members of the McPherson Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade volleyball teams partnered with students from Washington Elementary School as part of the volleyball team's service project. 

Some of the volleyball players and managers were reading buddies with first-graders in Mrs. Duncan's class, second-graders in Mrs. Cooke's and Mrs. Baker's classes, and third-graders in Mrs. Cherry's and Mrs. Stites' classes. 

Team members also helped the fourth-graders in Mrs. Razak's and Mr. Hoops' classes with spelling, math and reading activities. 

This is the third year the team has partnered with WES, and it is enjoyed by both the older and younger participants. 

Kari Ellet, eighth-grade player, said, "It was fun to help out the younger students and talk to them about the things they enjoy in their classroom and their lives."