KDOT announces funding under new program, McPherson County bridge selected

By Nick Gosnell
October 15, 2014

Cities and counties receiving funding under a Kansas Department of Transportation program designed to reduce the number of deficient bridges on local road system have been selected. The recipients of 77 local bridge projects were announced by KDOT Secretary Mike King earlier this week in Hays.

Seventy-five counties, including McPherson County and two cities will receive a combined total of more than $10 million in state funding under the Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program. Under this new program, the state contributes 90 percent of the total project cost, and the local public authority contributes 10 percent. The state funds are capped at $120,000 or $160,000 if the local jurisdiction chooses to remove a second structure.

KDOT is providing funding to improve, replace or rehabilitate locally-owned, deficient bridges in order to improve the overall transportation system in Kansas. This bridge program targets bridges with a daily vehicle count of less than 100 and a length of 20 to 50 feet.

“This program proved to be extremely popular,” Secretary King said. “Every local community that applied for funding and was qualified is receiving funding."

“These bridges might have low traffic numbers but they are important to the farmers that use them to get their equipment to fields and crops to market.”

There are approximately 20,000 bridges on Kansas’ local road systems and about 18 percent of those are structurally deficient. Of those, about 1,800 to 1,900 bridges fall within the target range for length and traffic.

According to McPherson County Public Works engineer Justin Mader, the bridge in McPherson County being replaced with program funds is approximately one tenth of a mile east of the intersection of 16th and Chisholm in southern McPherson County.