City and BPU announce Service Awards

By Nick Gosnell
October 27, 2014

The City of McPherson and the McPherson Board of Public Utilities presented their 2014 Service Awards at Monday's City Commission meeting.

Award winners are as follows:


Nick Gregory 5 Years


Ryan Sherwood 10 Years

Scott Brunsell 15 Years

Kevin McKean 15 Years

Stan Neufeld 15 Years


Wade Hall 15 Years

Kelly Pauls 15 Years

Gene Shorman 30 Years

Recreation Commission

Tony Koehn 15 Years

Pam Axelson 35 Years


Anne Hassler 5 Years


Rachel Brandt 5 Years

Board of Public Utilities

Byron Shaw 5 Years

Allen Baldwin 10 Years

Jeralyn Dorris 10 Years

Joe Border 15 Years

Carla Bradshaw 15 Years

Terry Williams 15 Years

Steve Simpson 20 Years

Russ Holle 25 Years

Mitch Bean 30 Years

Tim Maier 30 Years

Brad Steenson 30 Years

Claudia Stiawalt 35 Years

The Service Award winners were honored with a reception Monday morning, as well.