Moran speaks in McPherson, backs Roberts as part of hoped for Republican majority

By Nick Gosnell
October 27, 2014

United States Senator Jerry Moran spoke at the Cedars Conference Center in McPherson Monday morning.

As part of an exclusive interview with Mid Kansas Online prior to his public appearance, Senator Moran wanted to make it clear to Kansans and those in McPherson County that he feels it is in their best interest to contribute to a Republican majority in the United States Senate by reelecting his colleague, Pat Roberts.

Senator Moran said, "I know Kansans are fed up with Washington D.C., and there is a desire to send a message that we don't like what we see in our nation's Capitol. I share that. But, I would say that the message is not delivered if the outcome is to defeat Senator Roberts. A better message is to give a new set of Republicans the chance to prove that they can govern. And so, the message ought to be sent to Senator Reid. And, you can only accomplish that by getting a majority of Republicans in the United States Senate, including Senator Roberts."

Later, in the public meeting, Moran told a story of a conversation that he had with Senator Harry Reid a Democrat from Nevada, the current Senate majority leader, where he said that Reid told him that they weren't going to do anything until 'after the next election'. That conversation took place four years ago.  

In answer to another question in the meeting, Moran explained how Senator Reid manages to get nothing accomplished. According to Senate rules, when bills come to the floor, the first Senator to be recognized is the majority leader. Also, according to Senate rules, there are no more than three amendments allowed to be dealt with on any one piece of legislation at any one time. So, as Moran put it, Senator Reid offers three amendments to whatever is on the floor and then the Republicans don't even get an opportunity to offer any of their amendments to the pending legislation.

Moran said, "This is a pretty creative way to do nothing."

The general election is November 4th. To find out your polling place, go to the McPherson County website at Or you can vote in advance between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays at the McPherson County Courthouse this week, or between 8 a.m. and noon November 3rd.