Kansas First District Congressional candidate Democrat Jim Sherow visits McPherson

By Nick Gosnell
October 27, 2014
Sherow for Congress

Kansas First District Congressional candidate Jim Sherow was in McPherson Monday evening for a rally at the Lakeside Park Scout cabin. As part of an interview prior to the event, Mid Kansas Online asked Sherow to outline the differences between his approach to governing and that of his opponent, Republican incumbent Tim Huelskamp.

Sherow said, "One of the main distinguishing differences between the two of us is the fact that I get along well with others and work well with others. I was part of the Flint Hills Regional Council. I was the city representative on it. There were representatives from seven counties, fifteen cities, and we all got along. Nobody ever asked, 'Jim, what is your party affiliation?' I never asked anybody else. That's because we were focused on, what were the needs of the region? That's the way you should approach things."

So, Mid Kansas Online asked Sherow what he perceived the needs of the First District to be based upon his campaign.

Sherow said, "Two things that really jump out. First of all, people keep telling me, 'why can't congresspeople work together to solve the pressing issues of the nation?' The next thing that really jumps out at you very quickly is a great concern about Representative Huelskamp no longer having a place on the Agriculture committee. He was taken off of that by his own party leadership, because he wasn't getting along with the Republican leadership in the House. That has left the most important economy in the district voiceless."

The general election is November 4th. To find out your polling place, go to the McPherson County website at www.mcphersoncountyks.us. Or you can vote in advance between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays at the McPherson County Courthouse this week, or between 8 a.m. and noon November 3rd.