MIDC Executive Director gives quarterly report to City Commission

By Nick Gosnell
November 03, 2014

McPherson Industrial Development Company Executive Director Brad Eilts gave his quarterly report to the McPherson City Commission Monday morning. Eilts was optimistic about the future of industry in McPherson.

As part of that report, Eilts let the Commission know about work in progress to sell the Nation Pizza building in McPherson. Eilts said in his written report, "They intend to sell it as a food processing building. We have a few businesses that have expressed interest in the building."

Eilts also highlighted the expansion of the Viega facility. As Mid Kansas Online has previously reported, by early 2016, Viega plans to be producing metal fittings in a new 80,000 square foot manufacturing hall located on the same land as its current facility in McPherson. Office space will be included in the new building. Viega hopes to add approximately 100 new jobs for skilled workers in the near future with this expansion, which will serve mainly commercial and industrial clients, in addition to a smaller residential component. Eilts said that MIDC is working with the State and a National Site Selector, Grant Thornton, in Chicago on the Viega project.

Eilts also reminded commissioners of the new construction for Prairieland Partners. Eilts said, "They're going to be building a new complex in the MIDC Industrial Park. That's going to be very nice frontage. It's going to make it very appealing."

Eilts said that MIDC has had some requests for information on the Industrial Park following the announcement by Prairieland Partners.

In additional business attraction efforts, Eilts outlined in his written report several projects that the Kansas Department of Commerce has requested information on. Most of these requests are for manufacturing across a wide array of industries. Also, Eilts said that a few businesses, consultants and others have toured the community to learn more about opportunities here.

In all, Eilts written report listed more than twenty industries by name that he had worked with in the last quarter to assist them in their efforts, in addition to those that are early enough in the process that they can't be mentioned by name yet.