The Traffic Stop: Speeding

By McPherson Police Department
November 03, 2014

The Kansas Driving Handbook has the following to say about speed: “[In Kansas} you must never drive at a speed greater than is reasonable & prudent under the conditions. Consider road, weather, and your vehicle condition.  What may be reasonable at one time [of day or year] may not be reasonable at another time…

Where no special hazard exists & unless otherwise posted, maximum speed limits are: in any business district, 20 mph; in any residential area, 30 mph; on any separated/multi-lane highway, 70 mph; on any county or township highway, 55 mph; & on all other highways, 65 mph… Where a minimum speed is not posted, it is also unlawful to drive so slowly as to impede/block traffic flow.”

In McPherson, the speed limit in any public/parochial school zone is 20 mph and in City parks & public grounds, it is also 20 mph. The MINIMUM fine for speeding in the City, which is a moving violation, is $30 plus $75 Municipal Court Cost.

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