McPherson Hospital thanks supporters Friday

By Nick Gosnell
November 08, 2014

McPherson Hospital held a thank you and celebratory lunch for the supporters of the Caring for the Future campaign on Friday afternoon following the successful passage of the sales tax initiative on Tuesday's election ballot. McPherson Hospital CEO Rob Monical had a lot of people to thank.

Monical first wanted to express his appreciation to the community of McPherson and the county voters.

Monical said, "We feel very fortunate to have this pass, but also, for our campaign, we had a lot of people who spent a lot of time working on this. Our medical staff members, our hospital board, our foundation board, the MACO board members, our volunteers here at the hospital, our staff. There are a couple of specific names I'd like to mention. Gary Hess really stepped up for us and really helped us work on the economic impact of this on McPherson County. His work was tireless and very needed in this conversation. Cyril Russell has just made a huge impact on this campaign and been very tireless, as well as Chad Clark with the McPherson Healthcare Foundation. Both of those guys were right at my side as we were going through this, and I appreciate all the work that they have done."

Also cited in the meeting was the effort of Brett Reber with MIDC to go to Minnesota to secure a capital campaign donation from CHS, the parent company of NCRA.

The ballot question passed with a margin of 5,304 yes votes to 4,541 no votes. The tax will begin next April.