County department adds sanitation duties

By McPherson County
November 08, 2014

The McPherson County Department of Planning & Zoning has expanded and has a new name.

McPherson, KS: Starting January 1, 2015, the Department of Planning & Zoning will officially change its name to the Department of Planning, Zoning & Environment. The name change reflects the addition of the Environmental Health Division which was previously in the Department of Health.

The Department’s responsibilities can now be viewed as:

The Planning Division will oversee long-term planning projects and management of the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Zoning Division will implement the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

The Environment Division will maintain the County Sanitation Code, work on Environmental Emergency Management/Response efforts with the Local Environmental Protection Program (LEPP), and manage Floodplains.

Although they appear separate, the information and work among the three divisions is inter-connected and will make it easier for development in the County. “For example, when a customer inquiries about a specific property, we will be able to provide them with an understanding of which Zoning Regulations apply to the property, whether there is an existing well on-site, and what parts of the property fall into the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s floodplain zone,” said John Verssue, interim Department Administrator.

Bringing the various responsibilities together in one Department will align important property information into a single record, correlates the review processes once divided across different departments and physical spaces, and streamlines the application and review process for the public – meaning we are working harder and smarter on behalf of McPherson County.

Verssue added, “Like all of the County Departments, we are constantly reviewing processes to see how we can be more efficient with resources and improve the customer service experience, while respecting the tax payers’ investment.”

The Department of Health will maintain Emergency Response Management for public safety requirements, issues, and projects. And, the two Departments will continue to work closely together when projects or concerns overlap.

Planning, Zoning & Environment is housed in the Public Works building located at 1115 W Avenue A, McPherson, KS 67460. It maintains regular business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, on-site inspections will be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so keep this in mind if you plan on stopping by the office.