McPherson area soldier spends part of Veteran's Day at ceremony

By Nick Gosnell
November 11, 2014

Sgt. Chris Hennings was recognized at the Veteran's Day observance in McPherson for his current service in the Army.

Hennings, stationed at Fort Riley, explained what his job is when in the field. Hennings has served two tours in Afghanistan.

Hennings said, "I'm a combat engineer. I was in a route clearance company. We basically go down the routes looking for roadside bombs, IEDs, suicide bombers, vehicle borne IEDs, things like that."

Sgt. Hennings added, "We have all this fancy equipment, including dogs now, they're starting to implement dogs to help us find bombs now. They're a blessing in itself."

He summed up his job this way. "We provide freedom of movement for everybody else to go. That way they don't have to worry about getting blown up."

Our thanks to Sgt. Hennings for his service and for going toward the bombs and clearing the way so others can do their jobs.