McPherson City Director of Public Lands says: Stay off the ice

By Wayne Burns
November 17, 2014

Don't be fooled! Be safe and watch out for thin ice, even when temperatures are cold.

As the weather remains cold, the City of McPherson is warning the community to stay off lakes and ponds. Cold temperatures do not guarantee that ice on the lakes and ponds is safe. With the variations in temperatures that we see in the fall, it is important that residents stay off lakes and ponds until it is safe to walk on them. The ice may look solid, but that does not necessarily mean it is safe to skate or walk on.

Please obey all posted signs on the City owned lakes and waterways. Please contact the Public Lands and Facilities department with any questions or concerns at (620) 245-2535.

If you or anyone you know ventures onto the ice and experiences trouble, keep the following in mind:

Always keep your pets on a leash if walking near a partially frozen waterway. If a pet falls through the ice, do not attempt to rescue your pet. Go for help.

Reach-Throw-Go. If a companion falls through the ice and you are unable to reach that person from shore, throw them something (rope, jumper cables, tree branch, etc.). If this does not work, do for help before you also become a victim. Get medical assistance for the victim immediately.

If you fall in, try not to panic. Turn toward the direction from which you came. Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface, working forward by kicking your feet. Once out, remain lying on the ice (do not stand) and roll away from the hole. Crawl back to your tracks, keeping your weight distributed until you return to solid ice.

The best way to avoid trouble is to avoid the ice entirely.