WITNESS app in use in McPherson County

By McPherson Police Department
November 17, 2014

McPherson Police Department is proud to announce the use of a digital crime reporting/networking software called “WITNESS” here in McPherson County.

Jeremy Couch, a former Law Enforcement Officer & the creator of WITNESS, recently opened his software & security products office, Citizen Soldier LLC, which is located at 401 North Main in Hutchinson. Citizen Soldier LLC will be working with local & national law enforcement agencies, businesses & the public on the ability to receive and network digital WITNESS reports.

The WITNESS software allows the public, business owners, & other law enforcement agencies to digitally log incidents of suspicious activity or crime, & then share it via its dedicated social network. MPD recommends business owners or private citizens, who are creating a WITNESS account, to include local law enforcement agencies in their WITNESS address books:

• McPherson Police Department: [email protected]

• Hutchinson Police Department: [email protected]

• Reno County Sheriff’s Department: [email protected]

• South Hutch Police Department: [email protected]

Any person witnessing a crime in progress should always call 911 first. WITNESS will allow users to digitally document relevant pieces of information, specific to the crime or suspicious activity observed. Additional features allow for the storage of photos, video, or voice notes, for a permanent record of the incident.

You can sign up for a (FREE) WITNESS account at: www.witnessnetworkapp.com Businesses or organizations needing a multi-user account, please contact Jeremy Couch at (620)259-8997