McPherson Police Department makes additional comments regarding Miller investigation

By McPherson Police Department
November 20, 2014

The McPherson Police Department issued an additional release Thursday afternoon regarding the investigative process into the suspicious death of Ernest Charles Miller.

Here is the release, as posted to the Department's Facebook page.

"We provide the following as a matter of perspective for those who may be interested.

MPD will not disclose investigative details of a case to the public. However, with regard to those who questioned the length of time which passed before this outcome was published, we offer the following information. The family was notified of the results of the autopsy and investigation long ago. The results were not published widely to provide the family time to address the results personally. While inquiries from the public or media had been made prior to the family's notification, no more had been made until recently, at which point the Department chose to share the conclusion publicly.

To those who question how a manner of death like asphyxia and blunt force trauma could be self-inflicted, frequently strange scenarios occur in which an individual deprives self of oxygen by any number of methods, for any number of reasons, and upon losing consciousness receives a deadly injury. It is not wild, or far-fetched to conclude an investigation in this way as circumstance and evidence dictate.

Lastly, several of the individuals who commented on the post to our page offered or implied they are personally aware of details or individuals with details which would close this case with a different result. MPD must follow the evidence in the course of any investigation. The evidence collected up to this moment involving Mr. Miller's death has not provided a motive, opportunity or suspect who might be credibly charged with a crime. All additional details, observations, or other offerings of credible evidence are welcomed."