City of McPherson seeking donations for Hess Park playground

By Wayne Burns, Director of Public Lands and Facilities
November 28, 2014

The City of McPherson Public Lands and Facilities Playground Committee wants to work in partnership with the Community of McPherson to design and build a New playground at Hess Park.

Hess Park, a neighborhood park is located in the northwest corner of town situated on the southeast corner of Highway 81 by-pass and Northview. Hess Park attracts joggers, walkers, sports teams, and school age children from neighborhoods throughout McPherson.

The City of McPherson Public Lands and Facilities department is committed to the beautification and maintenance of Hess Park, the City of McPherson will provide $50,000 to purchase new play equipment and other park improvements.  We are counting on donations from outside sources to complete the funding of our playground project.

Our goal is to raise an additional $100,000 by June 1, 2015 to be used to purchase a new state-of-the art play system, fall zone material, and other amenities around the playground area.  Our goal is to build a quality all inclusive play system that will create lifetime memories for ALL our young children and visitors to the park. The new equipment will be the first installed at this park! The City of McPherson has agreed to funding a portion of the new play system as their contribution to this project and we have several companies that have already expressed interest in performing all the necessary site work.

Why are we raising private funds for a public playground? The reality is that the City of McPherson Public Lands and Facilities Department works within a limited budget, and they do not have the resources necessary to replace the City’s aging park system with new playground equipment, park amenities, shelters and repairs to existing infrastructure in a timely manner. By raising private funds, we demonstrate our commitment to our community, our neighborhood, and our kids, in a VERY tangible way.

Tax deductible donations of any size are gratefully accepted!  Please make your check payable to:  City of McPherson Hess Park Donation Fund