Brownback outlines budget adjustments for the remainder of the state fiscal year

By Office of the Governor
December 09, 2014

Governor Sam Brownback today outlined the initial actions to address a projected budget shortfall in fiscal year 2015.

Based on a recommendation from Budget Director Shawn Sullivan, the Governor will implement an allotment plan as provided in K.S.A. 75-3722. Sullivan subsequently notified Secretary of Administration Jim Clark to notify state agencies of the allotment.

“I appreciate Shawn’s hard work in identifying efficiencies and cost savings across state government,” said Governor Brownback. “These first steps are a down payment in resolving the immediate budget issue. I look forward to presenting a full budget proposal and policy recommendations to the legislature in January. Our job now is to address this situation through good fiscal governance while maintaining our investment in education, sustaining funding for public safety and allowing T-WORKS to be completed.”

The allotment plan and recommendation letters may be found at

“It is important for us to take these actions now to address the projected shortfall and minimize the effect of budget reductions to state agencies in this fiscal year,” Sullivan said.

According to that document, the projected fiscal year shortfall is $280 million.

Here is the plan as outlined by the Budget Office.

Projected FY 2015 Shortfall: $280.0 million

Fund Transfers

Fund Transfers from Cabinet Agencies and Elected Offices* $18,600,000

Kansas Endowment for Youth Sweep* $14,500,000

Children's Initiatives Fund Sweep* $500,000

Kansas Department of Health & Environment Fee Fund Sweep* $55,000,000

Department of Commerce Impact Bonds* $14,200,000

Debt Set-Off Program Expansion* $3,000,000

State Highway Fund Transfer* $95,679,087

Subtotal $201,479,087

Expenditure Reductions

Lapse Reappropriations (6,276,894)

KPERS Employer Contribution Rate at 9.5% (40,700,000)

4% Reduction to Cabinet Level and Other SGF Funded Agencies (6,893,973)

- Adjutant General (106,472)

- Department for Aging & Disability Services (599,235)

- Department of Agriculture (199,668)

- Department of Administration (194,391)

- Office of the Governor (139,182)

- Department of Health & Environment - Environment (774,198)

- Department of Labor (6,671)

- Department of Commerce (5,000)

- Department of Revenue (290,582)

- Department for Children and Families (3,980,880)

- Kansas Water Office (23,862)

- Attorney General (125,102)

- Secretary of State (880)

- Kansas Guardianship Program (23,307)

- Historical Society (92,437)

- State Library (85,038)

- Board of Tax Appeals (17,196)

- Department of Education (229,872)

4% Reduction to Legislative Agencies* (562,459)

- Revisor of Statutes (63,739)

- Legislative Coordinating Council (11,343)

- Legislative Research Department (74,995)

- Legislative Division of Post Audit (49,097)

- Legislature (363,285)

4% Reduction to Select EDIF Funded Agencies* (786,000)

- Department of Administration--Public Broadcasting (12,000)

- Department of Commerce (274,000)

- Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (500,000)

4% Reduction to Select Agencies with State Highway Fund Transfers* (2,021,587)

- Department of Revenue (918,543)

- Highway Patrol (1,103,044)

4% Reduction to Department of Corrections Operations (153,000)

4% Reduction to Board of Regents Operations (67,000)

Department of Transportation Operations Reduction* (7,800,000)

Bond Refinancing (2,860,000)

Larned State Hospital--Meyer Building Expansion Delay (5,400,000)

Reduce Kansas Bioscience Authority Transfer* (5,000,000)

Subtotal (78,520,913)

Total Fee Transfers and Expenditure Changes $280,000,000