Kansas NEA Statement Regarding Budget Allotments

By Kansas NEA
December 09, 2014

Today’s executive action in the form allotments are an effort to fill Governor Brownback’s state revenue shortfall. It is our expectation that these allotments will not delay funding for school districts or payments to KPERS recipients. KNEA will fully review the allotment schedule as put forth by the Governor’s office and provide additional guidance as it becomes available.

This executive action and future similar actions to fill the budget shortfall, will have a negative impact on many Kansas citizens. We remain concerned about the impact these actions have on families and the children we serve in Kansas public schools. We also remain vigilant in our effort to ensure that necessary resources for public schools, teachers, and students are the highest priority for the Governor and the Kansas legislature.

KNEA President Mark Farr has weighed in on today’s developments as follows, “The pattern of making struggling families and their children along with dedicated state employees pay for Brownback’s reckless tax policy continues. We call on the Governor to do what we ask our students to do. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. Regardless, our association will continue to advocate for public schools, students, and the dedicated employees who make Kansas public schools great.”