The Traffic Stop: Emergency Vehicles

By McPherson Police Department
December 09, 2014

STO #61 & KSA 8-1530 Find the exact wording here:

YIELD to any approaching emergency vehicle with sirens and/or flashing lights in operation.

MOVE to the right of the roadway and out of any intersection.

STOP and stay there until the emergency vehicle has passed.

When you are on a highway with two lanes for traffic going in the same direction and there is an emergency vehicle stopped #MoveOver to the lane FARTHEST AWAY from the emergency vehicle and drive with CAUTION and due regard for the road, weather, and traffic conditions. When you are travelling on a highway different than described or when moving away as described would be unsafe, drive with CAUTION and SLOW down, driving with regard for the road, weather, and traffic conditions. Also, you may not pass another vehicle when approaching within a 100 feet of a stationary emergency vehicle. In McPherson, failure to YIELD as described is a moving violation punishable by a $180 fine and $75 court cost.

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