Humane Society asking for cat ordinance opinions on Facebook

By Staff Reports
December 16, 2014

The McPherson County Humane Society posted the following on their Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon.

We would like your input! How would you feel about the City of McPherson implementing a cat ordinance? There has been discussion of this in the past and we have had people contact us regarding this issue; some in favor and some against. Let us know what YOU think!

Many cities and counties have implemented cat ordinances, and have had great success with controlling cat populations, keeping cats healthier and safer. Typically, dogs, but not cats, have been covered by local animal control ordinances. Unfortunately, too many people fail to spay or neuter their cats or keep them indoors and some are even abandoned and no longer cared for.

Cats that roam free, whether owned, stray or feral, often lead shorter lives than cats that live indoors. They also can spread disease to other cats, wildlife and humans. For these reasons, communities are beginning to recognize the importance of extending responsible pet requirements to cover cats as well. Similar ordinances include the following requirements:

-- Mandatory spay / neuter of all cats over six months of age, unless owner purchases annual intact permit and / or breeders permit. Medical exceptions can be offered.

-- Requirement for all cats to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies

-- Cats must be confined to their owner's property or physically restrained when off the premises.

We realize confining a cat to ones property can be a difficult, if not impossible thing to do. Details of any ordinance would have to be worked through. Feral cat colonies would also be exempt from this, providing a TNR program is in place for such colony. TNR (trap, neuter & release) programs are typically designed just for the feral cat population, however a large majority of the cats that have been trapped this season were friendly, socialized cats that have obviously been a pet at one time.

Please keep in mind that the City of McPherson is NOT currently discussing a cat ordinance. We have been questioned regarding this issue and want to know what our Facebook Friends think about this, so let us know!

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