McPherson City and County proclaim Monday as Dr. Willis Wollman Day

By Nick Gosnell
December 22, 2014

The McPherson City Commission and the Board of McPherson County Commissioners issued a proclamation on Monday declaring today, December 22, 2014, Dr. Willis Wollman Day in McPherson.

Dr. Wollman was honored for his half century of volunteer service to McPherson and the McPherson Airport Board Authority.

Dr. Wollman provided vision, leadership, financial responsibility, and enthusiasm for private and corporate aviation in McPherson.

Mayor Tom Brown told Mid Kansas Online, "To give 50 years to anything is a long time of sustained committment. To do that on a volunteer basis is even more awesome. We're indebted to Dr. Wollman for all that he has done to make sure that we have this facility. It's been important to our industrial development and the overall development of our county."