Traffic Stop: Winter Travel Tips

By McPherson Police Department
December 26, 2014

Whether roads are slick or not, make sure you leave a bit earlier than normal to allow for other traffic and road hazards. There will be plenty of other distracted drivers on the road. Being alert and attentive to your vehicle, others on the road, and the environment, will aid in your safe arrival, no matter the extent of your travels.

Important thoughts/things to remember:

-Allow plenty of time to travel safely.

-Do a safety check of your vehicle. Make sure vehicle tires are inflated properly, windshield wipers are in good working order, windows are cleaned and scraped completely clear of any/all obstructions, including snow, ice, and frost.

-Proper seat belt usage by everyone in the vehicle.

-Have your driver’s license with you at all times when you operate a motor vehicle.

-Have current vehicle insurance information available.

-Be sure to have the proper amount of rest to be an alert driver.

Note: Most of these topics are based on traffic safety laws and are enforceable by law enforcement.

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

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