Governor Brownback issues a statement about the purchase of the Boeing Facility

By Office of the Governor
January 01, 2015

Governor Sam Brownback today issued a statement following the sale of the former Boeing property in Wichita. The purchase of the site by a local ownership team ends three years of uncertainty about the facility’s future and turns it into an outstanding economic development asset that can attract new jobs to Wichita and the state.

"This is excellent news for the Wichita community and our state.  This site is a wonderful asset for the state and an important part of the Wichita Aerospace Cluster. My thanks to the new ownership team and its strong support for re-development of this strategic site.

 “This repurposed facility will help drive economic growth in Wichita and the entire state for many years to come. The potential uses include Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO), completion center activity, manufacturing and research and development – all areas of excellence in the Wichita area. We look forward to working closely with the ownership team in recruiting new tenants and the good-paying jobs and investments that come with them. “Today’s announcement reinforces that this site is now officially open for business, and brings to an end some of the uncertainty we have seen since the closure announcement in January 2012. This announcement marks the start of a bright new year for the Wichita area.”