Fiction Section Election Underway at McPherson Public Library

By McPherson Public Library
January 06, 2015

While winter typically isn’t associated with elections, patrons of the McPherson Public Library will have the opportunity to make their vote count on an issue of interest to many who use the library.

One year ago the library made significant changes to the arrangement of their fiction collection, dividing it into many special sections, such as Inspirational Fiction, Romance, Suspense & Adventure, Historical, and Mystery.  Patron reaction to the new fiction collection varied widely, and that continues to be the case.

“We have patrons who think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread,” said Library Director Steve Read, “and then we have patrons who are very unhappy with the changes.  We’re going to let everyone decide.”  

Patrons may vote to keep the sections as they are, eliminate them entirely, or to retain only particular sections.  

Voting will continue over the next several weeks and into February.  The library encourages all patrons who use the fiction collection to visit the library and place their vote.  For more information on the fiction section election, call the library at 245-2570 or email them at [email protected]