McPherson Police Department says Thank You for LEAD generosity

By McPherson Police Department
January 09, 2015

It's OUR turn to say THANK YOU!!!

To the law enforcement family members, who dropped off a law enforcement theme cake, "Thank you!"

To Prairie View Counseling, who dropped off cookies, "Thank you!"

To Knackie's, who dropped off warm cinnamon rolls, "Thank you!"

To Sterling House, who dropped off snacks, "Thank you!"

To the Kaberline Family, who dropped off homemade goodies, "Thank you!"

To the Roosevelt Elementary 3rd Grade students & their teachers, who made homemade cards, "Thank you!"

To the many, who have offered us a kind word, their gratitude, prayers, well-wishes, or just a wave & a smile, we say, "Thank you!"

To our First Responder Family in EMS, Fire, Communications, Corrections, & Reception, who are in the trenches and tirelessly helpful, we say, "Thank you!"

To our first family, parents, spouses, & kids, who put up with intense stress, lonely nights, missed holidays & special events, we say, "Thank you!"

And to our Blue Family, brothers & sisters, who understand the fear we face, the fight we wage, & the faith & strength required, we say, "Thank you! Face it. Fight it. Keep the faith. And we'll help you carry the load on those days your strength wanes."

It is our job to protect and to serve, but it is our calling as well. Each word & deed today has been a reinforcement of this calling & encouragement to continue to perform our duties with integrity and perserverance. McPherson KS Police Department says, "THANK YOU!!!"