McPherson receives AAA traffic award

By Nick Gosnell
January 12, 2015
Nick Gosnell

The City of McPherson was awarded a Bronze Traffic Safety Award from AAA on Monday for its work on Community Traffic Safety.

AAA Kansas spokeman Jim Hanni said of McPherson at the meeting, "The award's purpose is to encourage communities to address local traffic safety issues in a cost effective and efficient way. Communities can score points for their efforts, among other things, for participation in the Kansas Teen Seat Belt SAFE Program, they can score points with utilization of traffic safety enforcement and education, and emergency medical response initiatives and engineering programs that they conduct and submit in an application."

McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty said of the award, "First of all, I want to thank you for the award on behalf of the Police Department as a whole. These efforts would not have been possible without Lieutenant Stan Neufeld. As you are well aware, earlier last year, we put into place a Traffic Leiutenant. Leiutenant Neufeld ran with the position. He has fax exceeded my expectations and the City's expectation in all aspects of the Traffic Safety program that we have in place for the City."

McPherson is one of just 23 cities in Kansas to receive this award from AAA.