Vote now for MHS as top boys program in USA

By Steve Sell
January 12, 2015

Let the voting begin.

While we believe McPherson High has the best boys basketball program in the state, there’s a contest going on that could determine MHS to have the best basketball program in the country.

The contest is being sponsored by USA Today and can be accessed online. Bullpup fans are urged to go to  and vote as often as you can. The state finalists will be chosen by USA Today.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three placers.


• On court success (all levels) 

• Coaching/Player Development 

• Fans/Attendance (community support)

• Facilities/Training/Uniforms

Other information:

• Rounds •

• State round: 51 (each state plus DC), 5 schools per state, the top vote-getter from each state will advance, along with the 5 top vote-getters overall that didn’t win a state. A total of 56 will advance to the regional round.

• Regional round: 8 regions, winner in each advances, along with top two vote-getters that do not win a region. A total of 10 will advance to nationals.

• National round: 8 regional winners, two wildcards, top vote-getter is champion.

• Contest Dates •

• Jan. 12: State round voting begins at 11 a.m.

• Jan. 20: State round voting ends at 1 p.m.

• Jan. 21: Regional round voting begins at 11 a.m.

• Jan. 29: Regional round voting ends at 1 p.m.

• Jan. 30: Final round voting begins at 11 a.m.

• Feb. 9: Final round voting ends at 1 p.m.

Vote now! Vote often!