Mail In Election underway in Moundridge USD 423 to maintain LOB authority

By Staff Reports
January 12, 2015

 Moundridge residents have received a ballot with a single, school-related item on it. Below is some simple information about this required mail-ballot election and more information will be in the mail later this week.

• The LOB election in June 2014 allowed the BOE to increase the budget authority to 33% with NO TAX INCREASE.

• The current LOB mail-ballot election will allow the BOE to maintain the 33% budget authority with NO TAX INCREASE.

• Failure to pass this election will reduce the budget authority by 2% and create a loss of state aid and approximately $60,000 from the budget.

• A YES VOTE minimizes budget cuts that affect the quality of education at USD 423.

• A YES vote will be voting to maintain the current level of funding for USD 423 students with NO TAX INCREASE

• Please contact Superintendent Chad Higgins for more information. Phone: 345-5500 Email: [email protected]