Taxes Remain Top Concern to Kansas Businesses

By Kansas Chamber of Commerce
January 15, 2015

Results from the 12th annual Kansas Chamber Business Leaders Poll were released today indicating strong support for continued state tax reform.  Participants were randomly selected business leaders from across the state, with 75% or respondents representing businesses with fewer than 10 employees. The Chamber uses these findings to assist in the development of its annual legislative agenda.

"For the past twelve years, the poll has revealed the same number-one concern: taxes," noted Pat McFerron, President of Cole Hargraves Snodgrass whose firm conducted the research.        

The Chamber's polling reveals that sixty-one-percent of Kansas business owners say lowering the tax burden and managing the cost of health care are two of the most important things government can do to help profitability and investment. Although only twenty-two-percent of respondents would consider leaving Kansas, taxes are the top reason a business would consider moving elsewhere.

"Job creators in Kansas have consistently named taxes as their top concern, and as a result, the Kansas Chamber has consistently supported tax reforms to lower the burden," said Kansas Chamber President & CEO Mike O'Neal. "This poll serves as a reminder to the legislature and administration that reducing the cost of doing business by lessening the tax burden is a good growth strategy."

More than half (fifty-one-percent) believe that reducing the government-driven cost of business such as addressing taxes, health care, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, burdensome regulation and tort reform is a better strategy for economic growth than increasing incentives to businesses or increasing school spending.  

Seventy-four percent believe government should never raise taxes or cut at least 5 percent before raising any taxes.  More than half of those believed it should be more than ten-percent or never raise taxes. The survey also revealed that more than 90% oppose any increase in property taxes and that there is strong opposition to creating a sales tax on services.

The Kansas Chamber's 2015 legislative agenda seeks to create a tax climate that promotes job growth. The Chamber works with state policy makers to pursue policies that encourage business growth and put more Kansans back to work.

This poll was not a survey of Kansas Chamber members only, but rather randomly selected businesses of all sizes from across the state.