KABC list of deficient nursing homes includes McPherson facility

By Kansas Advocates for Better Care
January 15, 2015

Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) provides citizens a listing annually of Kansas nursing facilities which are cited for 10 or more deficiencies of non-compliance with health and safety regulations. The list provides a look-back at Kansas nursing facilities which have a consistently high number of deficiencies over three inspection cycles (inspections occur every 12 to 15 months). One McPherson County facility was included in the latest list. McPherson Care Center LLC was cited for 20 deficiencies in the last survey, and at least one of those deficiencies involved represent(s) actual harm of adult resident(s), immediate jeopardy of a resident(s), and/or mistreatment of a resident(s) during their most recent inspection survey.

The average number of deficiencies cited by state inspectors in nursing homes nationally is 6.8 while the average in Kansas is 10.6. A deficiency is cited when a nursing facility does not comply with federal or state regulations which are in place to assure the health and safety of frail or disabled adults residing in nursing facilities. Inspections are the only objective, external evaluation of a nursing facility provided by the state to assure the health and safety of adults residing in them.

66 Kansas nursing homes were cited with 10 deficiencies or more in the facility’s three most recent annual inspections (36 to 45 months). These facilities represent nearly 20% of all Kansas nursing facilities. The number of deficiencies cited in a single Kansas nursing home during the most recent inspection period range from 0 to 41.

State survey/inspection teams are made up of specially trained, licensed nurses employed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) who conduct inspections in every nursing facility annually (approximately 12-15 months), or when complaints are reported. To make a complaint, contact the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services hotline at 1-(800) 842-0078 weekdays 8-4:30.

By federal and state mandate, the average length of time between survey inspections in all Kansas nursing homes is 12 months, and the frequency of inspection surveys at any given licensed facility must occur at least every 15 months. Currently KDADS, which is responsible for conducting nursing facility inspections, is not meeting the 12 month average health inspection requirement. KDADS statewide inspection average is close to 15 months. Nursing home inspections are mandated by state and federal law to ensure that frail elders and vulnerable adults who live in nursing homes are provided care according to standards set by law and regulation. There are currently 345 licensed nursing homes in Kansas.

Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) encourages consumers to look at a number of factors when evaluating a nursing facility as a place to live and receive care. Annual inspection survey results are one of those factors. If you have questions or would like help to better evaluate long-term care placements or services, please call KABC toll-free: 800-525-1782.

KABC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Our mission since 1975 is “Advocating for Quality Long-Term Care” for older adults and adults with disabilities. KABC can provide consumers with information and assistance regarding long term care needs in nursing facilities, assisted type living facilities and care services in the home.

For 40 years, KABC has served Kansas citizens by:

Advocating on behalf of consumers for increased quality in long-term care options that include nursing homes, assisted living, home plus, residential health care facilities, and in-home care provided through home and community-based services (HCBS),

Providing guidance, education and advocacy for consumers seeking long-term care placement and services,

Providing education or training to family caregivers and long-term care providers, and

Encouraging long-term care providers to adopt the “person-centered care” model of delivering long-term care services.

KABC supports raising the minimum nursing staffing hours in Kansas nursing homes from 2 hours per resident per day to the 4 hours and 26 minutes per resident per day which reduces avoidable injury, illness and death and is a significant indicator for improving quality of life and care for elders in nursing homes.

If you, your family or a friend is in need of information about long-term care choices, please call for assistance, toll-free (outside of Lawrence): 800-525-1782, or 842-3088 (in Lawrence), email us at [email protected] or visit www.kabc.org

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Inspection data was taken from the Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services form 2567/Inspection deficiency statements, and the CMS Medicare.gov website, and is current as of December 4, 2014