Kansas Chamber issues Legislative agenda and Annual Competitiveness Index

By Kansas Chamber of Commerce
January 20, 2015

Each year the Kansas Chamber develops a Legislative Agenda that makes it clear to Legislators what Kansas Chamber members expect from their state Legislature: a healthy economy.  Input from members on policy and legislative strategy is gathered through work groups, conference calls, meetings with members, local chambers, and through the results of the Business Leaders Poll and Annual Competitiveness Index (ACI).  

This year's ACI is a special expanded edition encompassing an in-depth 10-year review. It draws upon more than 13 state report cards and many academic and special studies from other related sources to corroborate findings.

"Through this process business leaders from across the state have told us their concerns, and we are confident that the 2015 Legislative Agenda for a Healthy Economy reflects the need to reduce the cost of doing business in Kansas so we can expand jobs and grow our economy," said Kansas Chamber President and CEO Mike O'Neal.

The core focus of the Kansas Chamber's work at the Statehouse in 2015 will be on protecting the business community from increased costs such as higher taxes, user fees and loss of tax exemptions.

"The 2015 agenda represents a clear message from Kansas businesses large and small: We must reduce the cost of doing business in Kansas," continued Mike O'Neal.

The online version of the 2015 Kansas Chamber Legislative Agenda is available at


and the executive highlights from the Annual Competitive Index is available at