Kansas Chamber issues statement on State of the State address

By Kansas Chamber of Commerce
January 20, 2015

"Once again, we applaud Governor Brownback's call for a reduction in the size and scope of state government and a commitment to continuing the efforts to reduce the burden of income taxes on Kansans," said Mike O'Neal, President and CEO of the Kansas Chamber.

According to results of the Kansas Chambers' recent poll of Kansas business leaders and owners, taxes remain the number one impediment to growth, with health care and energy costs continuing to be of significant concern. The Kansas Chamber encourages government reform aimed at lowering the overall cost of state government so it is more affordable for Kansas residents and businesses to succeed and thrive,

"The Governor's re-election along with the election and re-election of other strong limited government, free enterprise and lower tax advocates, is an affirmation that uncontrolled and non-performance-based government spending is not the pathway to growth but rather, strategic pro-growth strategies that reward hard work, entrepreneurship, and investment in a limited tax and regulation environment are the keys to success. We look forward to working with Governor Brownback over the next 4 years to incentivize and maximize the unlimited growth potential we have", O'Neal added.

O'Neal cautioned, however, that Kansas businesses have made it clear that the tax burden on Kansas businesses should not be increased and that the Governor and lawmakers should look first and foremost to reductions in spending in an environment where spending is outpacing revenues. While revenues are running ahead of inflation, spending is far outpacing inflation.

According to O'Neal, one of his members put it this way: "To put the Governor's proposed 4% state agency cut into perspective, this is the equivalent of a person buying a Big Mac, large fries and large drink 29 days a month and having to settle for a hamburger, fries and drink the other 2 days." Kansas families and Kansas businesses have cut costs by far more than 4% in recent times and government can too."