No such thing as "Flushable" wipes in McPherson, according to WWT Superintendent

By City of McPherson
January 22, 2015

The City of McPherson Wastewater Treatment Plant is increasingly dealing with clogged sewer lines caused by “Flushable” wipes.

These items do not break down quickly in the sewer system and are causing blockages, backups, and damage to the Wastewater Treatment Plant equipment.

Even if the wipes say they are “Flushable” on the packaging we recommend they not be flushed due to the problems we are having.

The blockages are capable of causing sewer backups into homes and can cause property damage.

The City of McPherson Wastewater Treatment Plant is asking citizens to dispose of these wipes appropriately through your household garbage rather than flushing the wipes in the sewer system.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation regarding this matter.

General questions or concerns about “Flushable” wipes may be directed to Mike Wagner, WTT Superintendent, at 620-245-2540.