Swartzendruber wins Candy Cane Cash

By McPherson Chamber of Commerce
January 23, 2015
McPherson Chamber of Commerce

This year’s entries in McPherson Main Street and McPherson Chamber of Commerce 2014 Candy Cane Cash Christmas Promotion totaled 6,900, up almost 12% from last year’s 6100, and represented $345,000 spent locally in the 26 participating stores. The Kansas communities represented this year were up, with a total of 110, and out of state entries represented 30 different communities in multiple states, with Texas and Oklahoma having the most.

The winner of the 2014 Candy Cane Cash is Tim Swartzendruber, a coach at McPherson College. Tim was presented with certificates totaling $500 that can be spent in any of the 26 participating stores in any combination. “We are extremely pleased that this promotion is successful and that more people are spending their dollars locally, “said Ann Engel, Main Street Executive director. “I agree,” stated Jennifer Burch, Chamber Executive Director, “while we hoped that the numbers would increase, we never imagined that we would continue to see growth year after year.” (Numbers are based on each entry representing $50 spent and do not take into account entries not turned in, consumers who chose not to participate, and individual business promotion).