Seattle to repeat as NFL champ

By Steve Sell
January 30, 2015

Enough of “Deflate Gate” and Marshawn Lynch’s dog-and-pony-show interviews. Let’s get down to playing some real football.

The Super Bowl. You remember that? It’s going to be played Sunday in Arizona.

It seems like eons ago that Seattle used a miracle rally to defeat Green Bay and that Tom Brady led New England to an embarrassing rout of Indianapolis.

I can’t stand the two weeks between the championship games and the Super Bowl. The NFL squeezes the Pro Bowl into the open week, but that game has turned into a joke because the players, understandably, don’t want to get hurt. The NFL should just do away with the game all together. Nobody wastes their time watching it as they know it’s a glorified scrimmage. For goodness sakes, players from the same team go up against each other in this game. Do you think they want to put a hit on their teammates that could cause harm?

ESPN and the NFL Network are wall-to-wall coverage 24-7. It’s the same questions over and over. It all makes me nauseous.

I never watch any pregame on Super Bowl Sunday. I wait until kickoff. Then I’m interested.

So let’s get back to football. Seattle is attempting to repeat as champions, something that hasn’t been done since New England back in the early 2000s.

The Seahawks have momentum on their side as they haven’t lost since their defeat at Arrowhead Stadium, which seems like a season ago. There’s still an afterglow of the miracle win over the Packers and Seattle was already a confident team to begin with.

I think Seattle’s aggressive defense is going to be a nightmare for Brady to deal with. Lynch, for all his detractors, is a playoff warrior and will run angry. And cool, calm and collected Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson handles a game like a maestro. The guy is a winner and is making 31 other NFL teams look foolish for letting him fall to the third round when he came out of Wisconsin.

I like Seattle 24, New England 17.