McPherson College Professor Presents Classes For Community on Recapturing Creative Skills

By McPherson College
January 31, 2015

Children are naturally creative, but somewhere between youth and adulthood many lose confidence in their ability to invent, innovate and make.

On Saturday Feb. 7, two classes presented by McPherson College will work to restore that youthful confidence and re-spark creativity. Jd. Bowman, associate professor of theatre, will lead two workshops as part of the college’s Ventures in Christian Discipleship series.

“Creativity is a required commodity in today’s changing society,” Bowman said. “Adaptation, engagement and collaboration are all important qualities in employees that are under the umbrella of creativity. Unfortunately, our current social education system doesn’t value creativity, so more and more people are lacking basic creative skills.”

The morning workshop – “Innovation on a Timeline” – will focus on reclaiming creative talent through “games” and other exercises designed to awaken confidence in creativity teach being creative within a tight timeline. The tools are intended for both individual use and for team-building.

The afternoon workshop – “Come to the Table, but Bring Your Crayons” – will explore the connection between building creativity and building empathy and collaboration in a group. The techniques will explore how to recognize and work with other’s creative styles, even if they are different from one’s own. The focus will be on building individual skills, but within the context of a larger collaborative group.

The Ventures in Christian Discipleship workshop program is designed to help those in churches – especially lay people – with skills and learning that they can take back to lead, transform and form disciples in their own congregations.

The cost per workshop is just $15 in the online-based course. All are invited and encouraged to enroll in the courses. Visit for more information and to enroll for the courses.