Fire Department buying new engine, financing it through new City program

By Nick Gosnell
February 02, 2015

The McPherson Fire Department will have a new piece of apparatus around the end of 2015. McPherson Fire Chief Jeff Deal explained, "We have been at this process for a year and a half to two years in trying to not only research and develop and produce the best product for replacement of our equipment, but then also, as discussed here earlier, the best plan. both budgetary and fiscally responsible for the replacement of these large capital items. So, I've come to you today with the hopes of taking advantage of this program and asking your permission to purchase a new fire engine to replace two pieces of equipment."

In their research process, the Fire Department found that if they combined the engine and rescue truck that would help both fiscally and with manpower issues.

The Fire Department will be purchasing a 2015 Pierce Enforcer Rescue Engine for $613,456.03.

$153,364,03 will be the downpayment from the Fire Department Equipment fund. The remaining balance of $460,092 will be paid initially by the City-wide equipment fund and reimbursed to that fund by the Fire Department with annual payments of 92,018.40 over the next five years.

Deal said that from a fiscal standpoint, "This process, we feel, is very sound. We also feel that the process we took to research and develop the truck over the past year and a half has gone very well and we think that the end product, both financially and in the actual piece of equipment itself, will be of very good service to the citizens of McPherson, hopefully, for the next 20 years."

Deal said that the City will take delivery of the new truck in about 10 months, which if it is on schedule, would mean December of 2015.