The Traffic Stop

By McPherson Police Department
February 04, 2015

Driver’s Licenses Required

STO #192 & 193 and KSA 8-235 & 244 Find the exact wording here:

Bottom Line: To drive any vehicle or motorized bicycle everyone except those expressly exempted MUST have a driver’s license which is valid —NO cancellations, suspensions, or revocations may be in effect. You are required to have your license in your possession at ALL times you are driving and you MUST display your license to any law enforcement officer who requests to see it. In McPherson, driving without the required license is a moving violation punishable by a $75 fine and $55 court cost.

Normally, the “Traffic Stop” appears on the McPherson KS Police Department page on Tuesdays, but this week Tuesday was just too full! “Traffic Stop” is a means to address topics of traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson & is organized by the Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau. We are looking for suggestions on topics to address! Please PRIVATE MESSAGE us your traffic enforcement questions unrelated to the current topic. Call us if ANY question requires an immediate answer on our non-emergency line: (620)245-1200.