City of McPherson to catch up employees on vaccinations

By Nick Gosnell
February 16, 2015

McPherson City Clerk and HR officer Tammy Seely came to the McPherson City Commission with a request to catch all City employees up on their vaccinations. With the spread of Pertussis in Kansas and measles across the country among the unvaccinated, the City felt it was a good use of funds to get employees caught up and authorized up to $40,000 in expenditures to McPherson Hospital's Corporate Health Division to allow the shots.

Seely said, "We're going to start with the Pertussis, which comes along with the Tetanus shot in a TDap, so we're going to start there, and then we're going to look at anybody that hasn't had their Hep B vaccination and measles are going to be included in that, and Hep A, for right now, those are going to be the ones that we're focusing on. And, TB skin tests, a lot of our employees haven't had those. Especially our police and fire that have a lot of exposure to the outside public. So, those are going to be the first ones we are looking at, and then we will reevaluate and go from there."

The shots will be paid for out of the Worker's Compensation reserve funds the City accrues and not out of individual department budgets.