High speed chase results in arrest of Wichita man

By Nick Gosnell
February 23, 2015

A high speed chase in McPherson County that resulted in the arrest of a Wichita man Saturday night began with a traffic stop in McPherson for no visible tag on his vehicle.

According to McPherson Police Department Lieutenant Kevin McKean, the driver of the vehicle, Bryan Green of Wichita, gave the responding officer his brother's driver's license. A picture of Green was shown to the responding officer. When the officer confronted the driver about the ID, the driver sped off and ran several stop signs and exceeded the speed limit in certain areas, and went out into the county,

Green eventually wrecked the vehicle and was arrested.

Green was charged with a felony arrest and detain warrant by the Kansas Department of Corrections, and no bond.

Also, for the chase, Green was charged with Felony obstruction, felony flee and elude and driving while suspended, 3rd offense.

For the chase related offenses, Green was booked into the McPherson County Jail in lieu of $6500 bond.