BPU hires firm to GIS map electric lines beginning next week

By Nick Gosnell
February 23, 2015

McPherson Board of Public Utilities General Manager Tim Maier told the McPherson City Commission on Monday that a company is coming in to map the City's primary electric lines.

Maier said, "Midland GIS is going to come in and GIS map our primary electric distribution system. Essentially, (they will) do the system in town and probably within about a mile of the city limits.

The Midland GIS staff will be getting up close and personal with BPU customers.

Maier said, "They'll be in folks' backyard. They'll go all the way up to the transformer."

They will be using pickups and a couple of Kawasaki mules to get to where they need to go. The BPU plans to photograph the vehicles and give the photos to law enforcement so they know what's going on.

If this mapping is successful, BPU may map secondary lines in the future. The project will begin next week.