Building stronger in McPherson in February

By Nick Gosnell
March 02, 2015

McPherson City Building Inspector Bill Athey gave the monthly building report to the McPherson City Commission on Monday. There were 43 building permits issued in McPherson in February 2015, compared to 38 in 2014, with an overall construction cost of $2,067,789 in February 2015, compared to $2,142,519 in February 2014.

The biggest differences in the report were 15 roofing permits in 2014 to just 2 in 2015, while there were 23 residential maintenance permits in 2015 to just 12 in 2014.

Single family dwelling permit issuance is also down with just two permitted this month compared to six in February 2014. Total number of permits for all purposes are up, however with 94 permits issued in February 2015, compared to 89 in 2014.