Moundridge Airport to receive funding through KDOT program

By Kansas Department of Transportation
March 04, 2015

Twenty-one projects, including one at the Moundridge airport, have been selected to receive funding to enhance safety and service at public-use airports in the state through the Kansas Airport Improvement Program.  

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation, which manages the program, received 118 applications for projects totaling more than $42 million.

Recognizing the needs of continued investment in aviation infrastructure, the 2010 Kansas Legislature passed the T-WORKS transportation program and gave the Kansas Airport Improvement Program (KAIP) a funding level of $5 million a year.

“The project selection process remains highly competitive,” said Jesse R. Romo, KDOT Director of Aviation. “One of the challenges is to balance the needs of local growth while maintaining the existing system at a high level; and the selected projects help us do just that.”

Under guidelines of the program, project sponsors are required to pay a minimum of five percent of the total project costs up to a maximum of 50 percent, depending on project category. The awarded projects represent approximately $1.4 million in total state contributions. The remaining projects will be announced at a later date under Phase II of the program.

“We are excited to announce these projects that demonstrate our commitment as a state to the airport system,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King.  “These are great projects to kick off the 2016 KAIP program.”

The following is a list of the FY 2016 airport improvement projects and the funding requested:

Benton, Stearman Field – pavement maintenance and repair, $7,850

Colby – pavement maintenance and repair, $5,175

Dodge City – planning, airspace protection, $38,000

Ellsworth – pavement maintenance and repair, $123,750

Fredonia – safety/mitigation, tree removal, $31,500

Jetmore – modernization, remark runway, $22,500

Kinsley – self-service fuel system, $93,500

La Crosse – pavement maintenance and repair, $22,500

Moundridge – pavement maintenance and repair, $88,881

Neodesha – self-service fuel system, $100,000

Oakley – self-service fuel system, $100,000

Oberlin – design/safety enhancement, runway intersection, $67,500

Oberlin – land acquisition, $135,000

Ottawa – on-site weather reporting system, $108,000

Pittsburg – design runway and taxiway, $100,000

Pratt – on-site weather reporting system, $108,000

Rose Hill, Cook Airfield – pavement maintenance and repair, $5,400

St. Francis – pavement maintenance and repair, $27,000

Sublette – pavement maintenance and repair, $36,000

Sublette – on-site weather reporting system, $108,000

Washington – pavement maintenance and repair, $59,130